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GalaGirl--yes, basically, that's it. He gets to do what he wants when he wants to, and then tries to tell me he's helping me push MY boundaries.

There's another girl he's in contact with, and even though I didn't really say much about her, he somehow figured out that him seeing her made me uncomfortable, and voluntarily told me that he'd keep her in the friend zone until I figured it out. So he made a concession there, but I can't figure out why he won't make one here. Maybe I'm asking for too much?

Dagferi--he didn't exactly say he'd fuck one of my friends just because he can. He said that sooner or later, he would end up fucking one of my friends. He also stated that he could get my BF, if he really wanted to, but doesn't go after people just to prove a point. Big of him.

I do know that I'm just generally uncomfortable with him seeing anybody else but me and M2, which is ridiculous, given that this is a poly, sex-positive relationship. So I own that jealousy, and am working on it. I guess I'm just flabbergasted by his refusal to make this one concession. I literally have a small handful of friends, and the ones I've introduced him to have been hit on.

And yet, because I am weak, I don't want to drop him. I kind of just want to never introduce him to anybody ever again.
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