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Default Well... that was quick.

So, after a few emails and a phone conversation with P, it's all talked over and put to bed. I think that's the quickest we've resolved an issue in, oh, ever. Is there some odd poly award for "group conflict resolution"? I think we may qualify.

Anyhoo, I was misreading P's point in the marriage discussion, I've determined to just ask to head upstairs to bed when I need to (rather than wait everyone else and the rest of the night out), M1 stated that yes, she does get amorous when tipsy, so she'd watch that out of courtesy, and we cleared up the whole stay-or-go thing pretty quickly and cleanly. She'll make it clear when/if she wants to stay, and I'll just point-blank ASK if it seems to be heading that way. We all waited around for cues from everyone else, which obviously weren't coming because everyone else was waiting too.

So. Done. <Brushes hands off on pants>

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