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When I love someone they get it all. Whatever time I have is theirs, whatever money I have for dinners and dates I have they get it all, whatever passion I have they get, what ever secrets I need to share are theirs. I'm not a NRE junky or possess a need for variety; I can generate new spectrums of sexual excitement with one person; when I find something I like I stick with it. I pride myself in only sharing my body with one person in a world of so many others, when I say I love you I want my partner to be clear that those words belong to her and are not whispered to anyone else in moments of passion..that she is "the one". When I go to bed with my partner I like that she never has to look into my eyes and wonder if I am secretly longing to lie next to another. When I breathe into her ear as we have sex I like that she knows there are no other ears I am breathing into the same way.
That was hot.
I don't know if that was "Damn! RP got him first" or "Damn! He should write romance novels."
Haven't decided.

I don't expect my partner to share all the activities I enjoy or fulfill my desire to experience all the things I want. I have other people to do that with, but they only get to share in certain aspects of who I am…she gets to share in all of them.
Lies, lies, lies... what about riding the bike?


I think that there are many different people who need many different things. Some people are fulfilled in one relationship, some are not. Some people are, but they happen upon love in more then one place, some of those pursue it, some don't.

For me I can see in looking at the EMOTIONS from my past that I've always been polyamorous AND I've always preferred poly-fi, not just poly-free. If you know what I mean.

But someones actions don't necessarily show that they are or are not poly.
I BELIEVE with all of my heart that Maca is poly-capable. But he's never cheated and he's always been in long term mono relationships.
If actions were the key then the only way a person would know that they were poly was if they practiced poly or cheating and all people who acted mono from day one would be mono.....
I don't think that would be a correct assumption or assessment.

As for asshole-it really is a good idea to be clear of the definition of a word if you are going to consider it as a possible identifier for yourself (or anyone else).

I don't think that being in love with two people makes anyone an asshole. I don't even think I'm an asshole-even though I cheated on my husband. I think it was fucked up that I cheated, but I understand that I am not perfect and I have done fucked up things.

I think a persons INTENTIONS are key in deciding if they are an asshole or not. So-in deciding-figure out what your intentions are.

And Mono-I drink 4 freaking cups-measurement cups, of prune juice a day! GAG ME WITH A SPOON. I'm OFF the stupid meds and can't get my system back on track! IT SUCKS. SO if anyone has an EXTRA asshole they want to sell I guess I might be in the market!
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