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Been so long again!!!

Where to start, I guess where I left off hey...

Husbands ex asked us to adopt her baby boy, I actually seriously considered it, but we were so not in a place to do it with the 7 kids, throwing a newborn in to the mix i would be commit-able!!!

In early Novemberr, I started chatting with a guy from work, strictly on the premise that i would teach him how to use BBM on his iphone, I'm nice like that haha , He added me and we started to chat, On about the 7th he asked me to explain to him the details on the party we were hosting on the 10th, it was our staff party, and a few of our staff would be working it and we would be open to the public, he asked if the working staff was allowed to partake in the festivities, I explained that legally, no, but they probably would look the other way if the person didn't get hammered on shift, I asked him if he was working he said he didn't think so and asked if i wanted to come for drinks with him, I said sure, but warned him that if i get really drunk i get...rowdy...he said "Well if you do then i will just put on my security shirt and restrain you" I was like "I only like to be restrained sometimes" ... i guess that kinda started our few day long "flirtationship"

On the 10th that turned in to a more physical thing, A week later everyone knew (We tried to keep things on the DL, with only me him and my husband knowing, but we went out one night in the industry (another club) and got caught by about 35374370247 people we knew....who told everyone else haha), he left for a military exercise on the 16th (He is an airborne combat engineer, when i asked him to describe his job to me the first time he told me he jumps out of perfectly good airplanes and blows shit up.... seems legit ) While he was gone we decided it would be best for us to tell his close friend B(another club employee) then for him to find out elsewhere, so since J was away I told B, everything seemed good with that...boy was i wrong (i'll explain more on that further down) That weekend i also left my job, I had some personal stresses that combined with the work stresses and I quit.

When he came back we decided to make it official and I became his girlfriend. He left for vacation December 15th and came back the 29th and i stayed the night the day before he left and the day he came back

Right now we see each other for 1on1 time 1 or 2 times a week and i try to pop by the club to see both of them atleast 1 time on the weekend (they have awesome concerts going on so it's easy to justify ) but i don't consider it time together with either of them because they are both so busy i only see them for 5 minutes each or so. And J and I try to have atleast a quick phone call every night Sun-Thurs if i'm not at his house

Sunday and 2 week days are D's , and Friday/Saturday I sleep alone due to them both being at work, but it's pretty much sheer bliss regardless

I don't love J's line of work though, it already seems as though he has to be away ALOT, he left in November for 4 days (was supposed to be longer, but it was like frost bite cold outside so they got pulled out) , December was a trip to see family so it can't really be counted, Last month he was gone 4 days, and in March he will be gone a week, 3 weeks in April and all of May I do have D to be with so I think i will be okay, I will just miss him is all

Family stuff update:
I'm back down to only my 4 little ones, 3 of them just celebrated birthdays in the last 3 weeks (L turned 7, A turned 4 and M turned 11) Baby D is not till May so i get a quick break haha

Now let me tell you about B, When I first told B about J and I he seemed okay with it, When I went over there one day J's roommate says "Hey B, have you met J's new girlfriend Kay?" B was like "Girlfriend?!" I was like "No one said girlfriend, just relax" this was before we were "official" Well on the 3th of January B decided to approach D, and ask him "what he really thought of the J thing" Totally none of his business, caused a HUGE issue between B and J and B and I, and D and I since he was upset he had been approached by someone, and J's friend no less, well a week after this all went down, I *THINK* B wanted to discuss it with me, but I wasn't staying at the club that night, and the day later B decided he wanted no part of even talking to me, so he has flat out ignored me since Jan 11th, and I have said nothing (Totally not my style haha, But J asked me to let him handle it, and for the time being I am respecting that.) But i'm not sure how long i can continue to not say something since he is escalating it, but mentioning things to others (2 security guards have approached me on the subject and 2 of my friends! He told one of my friends the "issue" he had with her was that she is friends with me!) ....he is acting like such a child in my opinion, and it's getting to me

Otherwise pretty much everything is amazing
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