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Default Daddys Baby Girl

Hello... I am Britnie.. I am 26.. I am a submissive/slave in training... A little or big.. However you wanna put it I am pretty much stuck at the age 16... And just like a 16 yearold I enjoy all the pretty pink, ruffles, zebra print... I also just like a 16 yearold pout when I don't get my way, sometimes bratty, and occasionally have a sharp tongue... Daddy calls me a unicorn... This makes me feel special.. He says it's because I have desires to not only please him but his wife as well...putting myself second to their primary relationship... This is true.. I have the desire for her to fall in love with me... I already know in my heart that I love her... When something clicks it just clicks... I try my best to live the BDSM Lifestyle 24/7... I wear a collar all the time... I am branded and owned..and I guess that's all I have to say about that lol..

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