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Default short update

My mind and body have adapted to working over 60 hours a week. I do recognize when I hit my wall and need to take a weekend day off.

Issues of jealousy and envy are gone - Yeah!

Issues of bassman being a horrible communicator as a hinge are still there but actions he's done in the last week have allowed me to pin point it - progress like at 30% before yesterday. Now 35% but he's now aware of (and so I am, I am faulty at times on this due to work constraints) better clarity in communication, ask questions if unsure, repeat agreed upon things (even whose picking the kids up or what not, poly isn't 100% of the problem in our communication), voice expectations if there are any and share with each other first rather than last.

Love on the horizon....kickboxer doesn't want a relationship but does want sex. Not sure about that long-term but okay with it until I get a normal life again. Dating is so on the backburner right now...
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