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Default Adult Children, Advice Needed

I need to tell my 30 y/o daughter about being poly and I don't know the best way to do it. She's still adjusting to my divorcing her father 2 years ago and her own divorce, and the break-up of our family as her stepsister, who were raised with her, no longer speaks to me. We live in the mid-west and I'm moving to California with my partner and his two partners. We'll be living together. She is a sophisticated liberal person, but I am her mother, and mothers at 65 aren't supposed to do these things (this is the Mid-west, after all). I don't want to lie and it wouldn't work. She's very smart and I'm a bad liar. We've always been very close and had a loving relationship, but don't share information of a sexual nature, part of our boundaries rule. I don't want to lose that closeness. Help!
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