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Well, it's official. Hubby and Lady are "just friends" again. He has been less sad about it than I expected, probably because it was ultimately his choice. She and I both offered up suggestions on how to tweak things to make it more doable with our crazy lives, but he decided it wasn't fair to anyone or anything (meaning his schooling) to continue at this time. They're leaving the door open for a future do-over, but unless I somehow manage to get my dream of the future to match their dream of the future, it probably won't happen. Apparently they don't feel like they are capable of anything less than a fully integrated, life-sharing, potentially baby-making, cohabiting relationship being the "goal."

Work has been insane. People getting fired, injured, or being away for some other reason. I'm working over 50 hours this week. Add in moving and I am exhausted, but I think we'll manage it. At least the big paycheck coming my way in a couple of weeks has helped me justify paying movers to do the big stuff and whatever I can have packed and ready by the weekend.

Hubby has decided he'd like to go to a swing club again. We haven't been since... New year's 2013? I went a couple of times over the year with someone else (no sex with others, just the person I was there with), but he didn't. Boy also wants to go sometime (alone or with me or with someone I set him up with, he doesn't care... lol), and hubby thinks it'd be fun to get him to go on a night we're planning to go, too. We've had a couple of threesomes before, and I think going on a kink night or something like that would be really interesting. Hopefully I can make it happen.

I suppose I should get a little bit done before heading to work later. One of these days I WILL get all the sleep I am missing out on this month!
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