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Originally Posted by ladyjools View Post
Don't you get jelous?
How do you deal with Jelousy?
Isn't one enough?
Where does everyone sleep?
What will you do when you have kids?
Just a note-Jealous, not jelous.


Of course I do get jealous.

First I look at myself and recognize that I am thinking something jealous.
Then I ask myself what the trigger is (him spending the night away with someone else for example).
Then I ask myself why that matters (does it mean he is leaving me? no. Does it mean he doesn't love me? No. Does it mean he doesn't miss me? no. Does it mean he loves someone else more than me? no. Does it REALLY matter? no.)

No-one is not enough. Two does seem to be for me. One would be plenty if I weren't madly in love with two. Either of them would take care of me and love me madly for life. But the fact is I am in love with two so taking one away is painful and debilitating.

GENERALLY Maca and I sleep in our room and GG in his at night.
USUALLY I go to GG's room when Maca leaves for work (ungodly early time in the morning) and get a couple more hours sleep curled up with GG.

If we're camping we sleep in a tent... haha. sorry.

We did all sleep together in one bed one time. I was nice-but that's a VERY VERY special occassion thing.

We have 4 kids. Ages 18, 14, 10, almost 3.

What do you mean by "what will you do?"
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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