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Ok, so I am in a similar situation.

However, your "number 3" alone is enough to KNOW this will not work. Really? He doesn't let his wife and he wants to? Double standard/hypocrite. And the threesome thing?

I read over and over here that poly works when there is exhaustive communication and all parties agree on everything.

ALSO... 7 kids?!?!?

Maybe she just wants to get out of the house. Can you invest in a babysitter instead?

Man, I can hardly handle 3 kids!

In my situation, we're going REALLLY slow. We have boundaries now for dates and no new prospects are allowed in for a few years.

If this will work for me, I need my poly wife to move at a snail's pace. AND she can only consider people who are amazing communicators and not douche bags like this guy sounds like.

Tough situation man! I can surely sympathize.

You want to just stuff that cat back in the bag when it was just she and you... but you never will be able to.

I read this forum so I can understand the minds of people like my wife. It surely helps as many people are very nice and honest here. However, I am finding it hard to ever, ever want to go there myself. The more I read, the more I am CERTAIN I never want two lovers at the same time. In no way judging poly people... just ain't my gig.
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