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Hi everyone!
I've been in my current relationship for 7 years. We've been through everything together, the ups and the downs. During the course of our time together we've experimented sexually with others. It was exciting and afterward we had a greatly renewed physical attraction. We called our situation an open realtionship. I found it easy to find men to play with. He backed down and said he wasn't into it given his work schedule and other things going on. 8 months ago I met a man and just fell head over heals for him. We clicked! Caleb realized what had happened and and reassured me it was fine with him. They met face to face and got along great. I have always been open and honest with him about our meetings. I've never lied to him about J. We talk on the phone almost every day about everything in life.

Recently, Caleb met someone online. They seem to have clicked and really get along. Last night he announced at 8pm he was going to her friend's house for a visit with her. It was short notice, but he went. Today, he decided to go into work for awhile. His colleague called and asked if he could speak to caleb, he was at the office and needed to speak to him. SO, he obviously isn't at the office and he didn't answer the phone. When he did call, he said he met his new friend and they went out to dinner and back to her place. Sunday nights are our night to be together. I feel cheated and let down. How do I deal with this issue as an intelligent adult and not a crybaby?
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