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Originally Posted by bofish View Post
He "forgot" and scheduled a work session. The bind is we need to work should be important, but again and again - this "forgetting" whenever I make plans for us!
Curious that you put "forget" in quotation marks. Do you suspect that he's actually remembering but just not caring, or that he actually forgets?

Gralson is extremely forgetful when it comes to organizational type things, including dates and things like that. Actually, so am I. We're completely reliant on technology to remind us when we have to be somewhere, and we're both in the habit of checking our calendars before agreeing to things because we usually have no clue if we're busy that day or not. Sometimes he'll be thinking about something like a meeting all day the day before, and then completely forget to go.

It used to frustrate me when he would continually put the ketchup back on the wrong shelf, for example. But then I realized it's not that he doesn't care, he just legitimately can't remember. Being forgetful about other things myself, I can hardly hold that against him. Now I just quietly move the ketchup (etc) back to its proper place and go about my day.

If we have important plans, I remind him over and over. It's probably annoying, but he understands. And there have been times where he's double-booked, and I've asked him to cancel the second plans, just telling them he forgot he already had plans.
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