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I agree with previous comments.
I wanted to say-AS a hinge (woman) in love with two straight men I see this as a HUGE disrespect of BOTH of them towards you.

I would LOVE to sleep with both my men all of the time in THEORY-because I love both of them.

We've only ever done that ONE TIME.
We've only ever done anything sexual all together ONE time (same time).

It was wonderful. They knew I was having a REALLY serious surgery the next morning, I was emotional, I was stressed.

Maca agreed to drag our mattress upstairs to the livingroom (so as not to "invade" either of their bedrooms) and we could sleep there. The plan was for just cuddling and sleep.
Maca knew I would love more-but I would not ask.
He instigated it by asking GG if he was ok with it for that moment.
GG agreed.
They made a night of each of them pleasuring me.

I would NEVER disrespect them and ask them to be together just because it's what I want. That's unreasonable and unfair!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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