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Originally Posted by bofish View Post
I've been watching the dumbest show ever, American Horror Story: but what is interesting is one of the scenes in the last ep. season two where they expose the mental hospital conditions is stolen (nearly word for word) from Rivera;s expose of Willowbrook. Of course, it's not credited. To do that would be to acknowledge Willowbrook happened, which I have heard very few (if any acknowledge). Staten Island just built a college there- I don't even think there is a marker. It's was truly like a holocaust for disabled people and has yet to be acknowledged. Someone should make a movie. Maybe Leonardo Caprio can play a person with cerebral palsy!
Willowbrook is the most famous of mental hospital cases, save for perhaps London's. It led to federal legislation and endless press on the matter. Whether or not a fictional show should inject reality by attributing what were formerly common conditions in 'hospitals' for the mentally 'ill', to a single place, is probably something most wouldn't do. IMO, Willowbrook was one of many, many hospitals of monstrous acts here in the US - but the first one to get substantial press. Anyway, the one in the show I believe was some sort of private, Catholic-run facility. And I strongly doubt Willowbrook had a Nazi doctor performing experiments, a demon possessed lead nun - or a pack of aliens abducting people. So, some differences.

On DiCaprio, I read you were offended over the Wolf of Wall Street. I saw the scene you were upset about and felt it depicted barbiturate poisoning rather accurately (aside from ignoring the more serious side effects). Having experienced it myself in the distant past (and dealing with others being affected), I have some basis for opinion on that topic.
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