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Originally Posted by Peoplelover View Post
Here's my "newbie" status showing: what are polycules? And what does it mean (another thread I read) when they talk about veto power? And what is the standard definition of poly-fidelitous? Also, my family is older, and I wonder what percentage of polys fall in what age brackets? Thanks for answering!
"Polycule" is not standard vocab so there is no reason you should know it. I use it to refer to my little network of poly partners and metamours since we don't have an easily defined structure and the diagram of our relationships looks like a molecule.

"Veto power" is where an existing couple agrees that they can shut down the other partner's other relationships if they are uncomfortable with them. If you do a search here for veto you will find a LOT of discussion on this topic. It is often seen as couple centric and unfair to any other partners.

"Polyfidelitous" is a poly relationship of however many people who have agreed to not add any OTHER people to the the relationship.

Age? We are all around 40, but I have seen posters of all ages here - you could post a poll if you are curious - but the posters here are only a small percentage of the poly population - so I don't know if it would be a true reflection.
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