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Originally Posted by london View Post
It's amusing when one doubts the objectivity of a believer but feels a non believer doesn't offer similar bias.
Curious if you are lumping agnostics and atheists together in the "non believer" category. From my standpoint atheists also "believe" something... they have "faith" in that they are convinced that God/dess does NOT exist.

I'm a "little a" agnostic. Big A agnostics (in my mind) don't know whether there is a higher being...and feel that that knowledge is, inherently, un-knowable. For myself, I don't know that that is true.

I, personally, don't know whether there is any sort of higher power...and don't know if that is "knowable" or not...and ultimately don't care - because it wouldn't change my life in any significant way whether there was or was not. I have never seen any evidence of a higher power personally...and it wouldn't offend me me if one (or more) existed.

If I had to subscribe to a doctrine - I'd pick "secular Buddhism". I think that the world would be a better place if everyone just tried to be the BEST person they can. So ...? I try, I fail sometimes, I forgive myself, I try again. I am responsible for MY decisions and their I try to make the best decisions that I can with the limited information that I have at the time.

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Ultimately? All is One. But then we really have nothing to talk about, reducing it to that. If all is one, there is no gender, there is no individuality, we wouldn't be having any trouble trying to be poly.
Yes. It is what it is. Which is why I love having religious conversations but have no vested interest in the outcomes of such discussions - I'm just really interested in how other peoples' minds work.

What if existence works however I, personally, think it works? What if I am the only true soul in the universe? Makes no difference. The answer is STILL to be the best person that I can figure out how to be. If I am responsible for every evil on the planet...then I am also responsible for every joy...

(As an aside, if I could design the would spend all of eternity reliving your life from the perspective of every person you had affected by your actions - good OR bad, knowingly or NOT - that seems "fair" to me...suffering as much as the victims of your choices and enjoying every ecstasy from the perspective of the enjoyer.)
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