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Thank you all for the congratulations! I cant believe our little guys is already a week old! He came into the world weighing 8lb 6oz and 21 1/4"!! All we hear is how adorable, beautiful and cute he is, and we cannot help but agree!

Mommy is the rock star of L&D because I had him completely natural and was calm the entire time! Every nurse who took care of us knew who I was. Lol. I guess they don't get women like me very often.

As for things with M, I feel like W is truly trying to move past this. She and I have had a couple of conversations, mostly just bs-ing. She wants to meet our little guy (and me) so we have invited her to see him, but the flu is going around her house so thats on hold for now.

The focus for us right now is our little family. W is shining as a daddy and really tries to help me as much as he can. It isnt easy, especially since little guy (who we named Chad) wants to nurse 24/7 right now, but it is more than worth it. We are in awe and cannot believe he is really ours!
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