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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Glad you like the topic, YouAreHere. I find it so fascinating, digging into the actual history of the Bible and the people who wrote it. As far as it relates to the topic of whether Yahweh or Jesus or the Spirit approve of polyamory.... well, rather than cherry pick a couple verses about marriage and relationships, I prefer to consider the source-- what was going on historically then? What were people's needs and issues? Israel was basically an occupied war zone for thousands of years, stuck between huge reigning empires: Egypt and Babylon, Persia and Greece, finally Rome. Then even the Roman Empire fell. So, how does what happened to the Biblical authors and early "Church Fathers" relate to us, now, in the 21st century with our space exploration, jet planes, computers and smart phones and electric cars?

IMO, there is not much left in common except for basic physical needs like food and air and water, and need for human touch, and love.
And I think the invention of protected sex is a huge game changer as well. It's easier to see why premarital sex and sex outside your marriage would be things society wouldn't want happening at the time.
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