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1.) You take whatever precautions you feel necessary. People either accept it or get crossed off the list. I, too, work in a field where not letting people know where you live is wise (although anyone can figure out which car I drive...which I can't control) - which is why we don't have a home phone and many things are in my husband's name (which is not the same as mine)

2.) Not dating related but...

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
... I remember one particular sketchy seeming person who bought something from me on kijiji (like craigslist), and I was bringing the item to their place (for an extra $5). I texted my husband when I pulled up and sent him the address, so at least the cops would know where to start the search. :P...
Similarly...I was picking up a Penny-saver purchase (the snail-mail version of CraigsList) at someone's house in the middle of nowhere - I left my husband a note with the address, phone number, name, and what time I left the house...I also took my dog (who was not an attack dog but of a breed that looks the role) and my gun (which I have concealed-carry permit for). The purchase took place in the guy's driveway (I wouldn't have agreed to enter his house) without any issues...but why take chances?

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
...We are more cautious here regarding weather safety. Because it's a much higher risk.
But I totally get the caution concept.
We let people know before we drive to town and before we head home and when we arrive at our destinations. Every day.
Because if your car breaks down and you spend an hour out there-you could be looking at hypothermia.

Be cautious by all means.

People laugh when I tell them I pack winter sleeping bags and snow gear for summer drives. But HERE-you can get hit with a sudden snow storm any month of the year. It's a realistic risk and so I take precautions.
Right with you there. I text the boys when I am leaving the office and, when the weather is bad, if I am taking an alternate route home so that, if I am not home within a reasonable time-frame, they can track-back my route and find me.

(I also have some kind of herding instinct...I am much more comfortable if I know where are the members of my "pack" are, so that if they run into trouble I know how to get to them...Dude has some issues with this - as interfering with his freedom - so I don't push it. MrS understands that I don't care where he is (or who he is with), so long as I know that he is safe.)
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