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I agree that it is just another day. I am festive tho and enjoy most designated 'holidays' for the fun of it. My primary doesnt have anyone else to really make plans with so sometimes he can feel left out as well. I know for him any time I am with my other would be made easier when he has someone else. For now scheduling hold back the frustration. For instance when he is working And or asleep our plans dont seem to bother him at all. It's that 'home alone' time that gets to him at times.

Both of my lovers and I share a thousand sweet things and have many different dates of importance and share exceptional love and tokens of that often.

Just like the silly romance of a set day
To do so. I am a lucky woman tho, for me it's Christmas, birthday primary anniv, valentines day and secondary anniv! Lol it's the season of getting for me, even if that 'getting' is just some extra specil time.
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