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Default Hello!

I'm so new to polyamory I'm not sure how to describe my family. I've lived for almost a year with the man I love and his female partner of 15 years, whom I also love as a person. There is another woman who lives elsewhere who's been involved with them for several years.
I was married previously for 30 years and always monogamous and heterosexual, so this is a brave new world for me. Intellectually, I embrace polyamory, if practiced as it's preached with love, respect, and absolute truth among members. As a mental health practitioner, my observation has been that many people in our culture suffer from loneliness and a sense of isolation/alienation, and polyamory seems an ideal model to create a sense of "tribe." It's more flexible than monogamy and can be adapted to fit peoples different needs and shifting circumstances. Emotionally, however, it's been a harder road for me to travel. I'm hoping this forum gives me a place to post questions and concerns, and hear other peoples ideas.
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