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Just to reiterate-I don't think you are wrong for being cautious. Not at all.

I was just giving you an alternate perspective for consideration.

Where we live, it would be VERY VERY easy to figure out where we live, because it's a reasonably small community and we are well known. It wouldn't make sense for me to try to keep that a secret, because anyone who wants to know could EASILY figure it out just by knowing my full name.

But-it works as a benefit too-we are a small community and everyone knows me. So it's easy to not date people who aren't also known to someone I know and trust AND everyone would know if I didn't show up on time, even 5 minutes, that something was wrong and where to look.

We are more cautious here regarding weather safety. Because it's a much higher risk.
But I totally get the caution concept.
We let people know before we drive to town and before we head home and when we arrive at our destinations. Every day.
Because if your car breaks down and you spend an hour out there-you could be looking at hypothermia.

Be cautious by all means.

People laugh when I tell them I pack winter sleeping bags and snow gear for summer drives. But HERE-you can get hit with a sudden snow storm any month of the year. It's a realistic risk and so I take precautions.
Clearly-your circumstances have a different realistic risk and you should take precautions.
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