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Why wouldn't they?

It's an odd question, as if only married people would logically be poly. I would think it's more natural for single people to be poly and less natural for married folk, in a society that is predominantly monogamous, since all it means is having more than one relationship. Is it because you're married that you wonder why? The question doesn't make sense to me, but...

My answer: single polyfolk don't feel the need to limit themselves when it comes to loving relationships, just like anyone else who feels the same way. What's marital status got to do with it, anyway?

Being single and poly is not exactly the same as being solo poly, but many here is a good thread I started asking what solo poly means to many of us:
Solo poly people - what's your ideal?

You can also check out this blog by a member who doesn't post here much anymore: What’s wonderful about being solo, polyamorous, and single
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