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Thank you SC and London for posting.

I realize after therapy this week, that my reactions have a lot to do with my childhood. I was basically abandoned at age 12 to take care of my 4 brothers and sisters. I was trained early on to ALWAYS put the needs of others first.

This was made more profound by being raised Catholic and Buddhist- two deciplines in which you are encouraged to practice compassion and give to people who have less.

It's funny, on the internet, I come off as a prickly pear. People here have accused me of being judgmental and uncaring and all kinds of shit. People are also very resistant against my vision of disability (as a mere difference, not a tragedy and in fact something that can be embraced). But in real life, I'm always the person to dwell on how to make things fair for everyone, give my last dollar away, and be the "matyr,." Now, I am in an intense learning curve because I need to learn not to take on the problems of others or put others above myself. This goes against the mythology in my own mind of being a "good" person. But, often I get taken advantage of.
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