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It's been a while since I last posted, because there was sensitive information and I wasn't comfortable talking online, just in case.

Long story short, I missed the window to apply for a green card while legally in the US by a few days, due to the divorce taking longer than anticipated. I still applied, got a good lawyer, and yesterday got finally approved (I should receive it within the month). However until then, my situation was a grey area at best, and so I worried about being too public about it.

Now, though, the US government knows all the details, and has decided I can stay, which means that it's retroactively fine that I spent some time on US soil without a visa.

This is tremendous news and a huge relief for me, as it has taken so long. However my green card will be a conditional green card, meaning it is good for 2 years instead of 10. After 2 years I will need to go through the same process again.
In the meantime though, as soon as I get my green card in the mail, I will be able to work, get a driving license, and travel outside the US. This is a huge relief and a great step in my life.

While it has nothing to do with polyamory, I figure it might be of interest to people who have followed my journal thus far.
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