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Well, I've checked one thing of the list - Hubby and I found a rental house we both actually like, and we were actually able to submit applications together and get it! Woohoo! Now the packing begins, which I absolutely despise but have been oddly motivated to get done.

I've gone through all my clothes and gotten rid of a mini-mountain of things that didn't fit or just don't get worn often enough to make them worth keeping around. I had a friend come over and try on a few things that she liked, so they already found a good home, but I will need to donate the rest next time I'm out.

I've been baking and cooking up a storm to get rid of some of the random food stuffs we had around. Boy has taken home a pan of brownies, some cookies, and a bunch of leftovers dished into single servings for his lunch all week. I warned him that I'm going to be all cooked out, and he's going to have to cook for me a few times after all this.

No Valentine's plans for me although I did have a guy ask me to go out tonight; I don't really believe in it. If you love someone, show/tell them every single day, not just some random holiday. I thought it was weird that someone wanted to go out on a first date (we've met briefly, but this would have been the first official date) on Valentine's Day. Isn't that kind of weird? Hubby and I ran some errands before he went to work, and Boy stopped by to pick up some things he forgot here the other day. Yarn sent me some ridiculous, pervy V-day cards via text. Cracked me up all day.

I've had Pandora on most of the day while piddling around the house. It amazes me how much music can affect my mood! Something peppy and I'm smiling, dancing, and having a great time then something comes on that reminds me of Doomed or is just generally sad, and I'm bawling. It's fantastic and horrifying at the same time.

Now I think I will take a relaxing shower and be lazy for a bit before going to bed. Sweet dreams, world.
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