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Originally Posted by scarletzinnia View Post
I personally would never want to be with a guy who treats other women like this.
Then you're probably not the type of person to hook-up with someone with no prior relationship established.

I would be fairly certain that some or all of those sex partners didn't know that all contact would be cut off after one sexual encounter.
Then it's their responsibility to ask before spreading their legs. Anyone who has sex with someone outside of an established relationship is pretty much setting themselves up for a one night stand.

Seriously, who goes home with someone from the bar and expects it to be the first step in a long term relationship? If it grows that way then bonus, but it's hardly status quo.

Gralson is a wonderfully loving, supportive, committed romantic partner. He's not polyamorous ("One relationship is more than enough work, thank you very much.") but he enjoys casual sex. That doesn't make him a womanizer. It makes him someone who knows what he wants. What's wrong with that?
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