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The BD play event that is happening next month might not be happening for me after all.
S wants to go now after initially saying she didn't. Prof thinks she is too unwell, she naps a lot and tires easily. The event is for 9 hours each day and will be quite physically tiring for the subs. S says if she can't go, he can't go. Hopefully they will work something out, but even if they do, there will be 3 subs for 2 days. I don't know if the subs can split a shift. We'll see what they come up with over the weekend. I will offer to step aside if it looks like turning into an issue. We have been having some really good play sessions recently, got the pain level issue sorted out. While I was really looking forward it, there will be other events.

I had an OKC date last night, I wrote a little about in the Fireplace section. All went really well until I said that I didn't want to be walked all the way to my car, a personal safety thing. He took offense and that was the end of that.
Me: mid 40s female.
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