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Default maybe not so unique afterall?

Read your blog and I loved it! We were once like your quad in many ways. I won't say our quad failed, I just think the difficulties were too much for some. I bet a lot of people are situationally poly - they fall in love with someone already partnered, and become part of a group. If one is situationally poly, as opposed to 'politcally poly', say, it will be hard to transition. When things get rough, the taboo against poly and the huge bias towards mono, combined with the really hard work it takes to sustain poly, likely will result in a retreat toward comfortable, acceptable mono- land. Some people are likewise situationally gay or bi - it happens once and is fun, but it may be hard to sustain amidst the societal backlash. But back to your blog - it is very fun to read, has lovely pictures, and your experiences are likely to resonate with many.

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