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Glad to see you posting here again, BrigidsDaughter, and glad you are up and around again after having surgery. I hope everything goes well with your recovery and any more procedures you might need.

I had a phone convo last night with this guy I've been messaging on OKC for about two weeks. We spoke for a little over an hour. There was a little initial awkwardness, but we were both obviously enjoying talking to each other. We have tentative plans to meet up next Friday, after work. I get a good vibe from him, and am looking forward to meeting him, but I'm not letting myself get too excited or hopeful about it - you never really know until you meet them in person. But it's nice having a possibility come my way.

Since having re-enabled my OKCupid account, I am just floored by the number of stupid, shallow men who contact me with absolutely nothing of value to say. "Hi sweetheart, nice [insert physical attribute], love to get to know you." Yeah, right. And I guess the fact that so many women on the site have a policy of simply refusing to respond to any messages means that most of the quality men won't make contact first. They feel it's a waste of their time and effort, so will only engage with women who contact them first. So, the guy I'm meeting next week is someone I did contact first -- I wrote to compliment his profile as it is so very clever and entertaining -- and our correspondence has been really awesome, but it would be nice to be pursued by some intelligent men who at least have a clue rather than the 20% Match dumbasses that usually turn up in my Inbox. Sometimes doing the online dating thing is so draining and feels like a second job.

Had a snow day today, but going back to work tomorrow. Feeling okay. Not great, but okay is okay.
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