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I met Prof's occasional partner L, last night. I totally forgot that we had planned to met and discuss the fmf. She is quite lovely, very bubbly and chatty, very open about her experiences in the swing community and her main partner. It was very interesting hearing her speak.
I like listening to people talk, and while I beat myself up about being reserved socially, much of it is that I love to hear what other people have to say. She did say to me at one point that I was very quiet and not what she expected. She was busy showing Prof her bikini wax and putting his hand up her skirt. Yup, I am more restrained than that
While Prof was at the bathroom, she asked if she could bring her other partner to the fmf, I said she would need to ask Prof that, as to me, this is his fantasy event.
We agreed on some of the details, a swanky hotel, nice restaurant, fancy clothes and that I was not into the ff option. She said that she was open to it.
I have said to Prof before that he might be better off asking one of his bi friends to be other f with L, but he said no, he wants his first fmf to be with me. Bit strange as he has said he would very much enjoy watching some ff action and said he would love that to be part of the meeting. Anyhoo, it is all set up and I am looking forward to it.
S apparently lifted the restriction on meeting metamours and met Prof's other ocassional partner. Apparently it went well and he said there was no "bitchiness". Interesting that I met L and there were no concerns there. S sounds like a bit of hard work.
Me: mid 40s female.
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