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What to say from here, I'm at a loss for words. Fear is the mindkiller, and I feel pressured regardless to be the one to make the decision -- and be it open, mono or break up, it's still feels all on me...
Not necessarily.

Y'all could set the "fence limit" now since it wasn't set before. Keep doing best til X date and at that date it's final call. If NOT all players are at "JOYOUS YES! THRILLED TO BE HERE!" could accept the (no confidence vote), be sad, disband. Move ON to the healing stage. Free from spinning wheels stage.

All call feel good about "well, we gave a good honest shot all the way til.... and we broke up on good terms. That part is good."

Fear of a break up is because one hasn't experienced a good one... well, plan for a good one if it must be. A STELLAR shebang party of one!

Smaller win than (all stay together in joyous yes) but it's a win if you let it be.

Dragging out (lack of purpose/indecision) through (suckage) to (deep resentment land)? Ugh. That's not a small win. That's all kinds of ugh.

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