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Hi! My name is D....

Happily married for 8 years. My husband and I have been discussing poly living for two years since an almost divorce and it looks as though we may be moving into a poly reality!

Our marriage is happier and healthier than its ever been and this newfound openness and complete honesty with each other is the reason why. No secrets, no hiding our hearts and our souls. It's beautiful. I love him more than ice cream.

I think I have always been poly, trapped in a mono world. I grew up in the southeast and didn't have any idea that there was a name for what I felt. Instead I ended relationships badly and hurt myself and others. It's such a conservative area and this lifestyle choice/wiring is completely taboo. For me I think I am wired this way. I think this is my nature.

I live in the Denver CO area and have a few poly friends who have been helping me explore this spiritual development and awakening. I am not currently dating but would love to find someone to enrich my life, and who's life I can enrich.....but that is for another thread. :-)

I love dancing, live music, food, art, adventure, the outdoors and skiing! I am a singer....(trained operatically,) and love to sing gospel, country, jazz, soul, and anything else with a melody. When I say I love to dance I mean it! Country swing, Lindy hop, swing, contra dancing, salsa, bachata, hip hop, funk, and CUMBIA!

I love to be active, mad adventurous. I love being in charge of myself. I am a personal trainer and movement therapist....and a body worker. I am fascinated by our systems. A self proclaimed anatomy nerd for sure! I am a "Tough Mudder," and love doing crazy shit! I have traveled the world, from Japan to Mexico, Australia, Hawaii, and Costa Rica most favorite adventure so far.....would have to be flying like Superman through the Costa Rican rainforest.

In short, I am a bold, adventurous, happy, and beautiful woman! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!!

Hope that's a good intro! Hope to find some like minded poly folk here in Colorado. Looked into the poly groups and it didn't seem like my thing. Group cuddle parties with strangers and Sex themed parties are just not my thing.

Happy Thursday!

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