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Originally Posted by noob View Post

Do you think you could ever want it, under any circumstance?

When I love someone they get it all. Whatever time I have is theirs, whatever money I have for dinners and dates I have they get it all, whatever passion I have they get, what ever secrets I need to share are theirs. I'm not a NRE junky or possess a need for variety; I can generate new spectrums of sexual excitement with one person; when I find something I like I stick with it. I pride myself in only sharing my body with one person in a world of so many others, when I say I love you I want my partner to be clear that those words belong to her and are not whispered to anyone else in moments of passion..that she is "the one". When I go to bed with my partner I like that she never has to look into my eyes and wonder if I am secretly longing to lie next to another. When I breathe into her ear as we have sex I like that she knows there are no other ears I am breathing into the same way.
My partner is special to me and regardless how long the relationship lasts she will get all of me. I AM a sum-zero partner.
Connection is what I want and drives me. My partner deserves all of my connection whether I am with her or not. When my thoughts turn to who I "love" it is her.

I don't expect my partner to share all the activities I enjoy or fulfill my desire to experience all the things I want. I have other people to do that with, but they only get to share in certain aspects of who I am…she gets to share in all of them.

I do not expect to be loved in the same way however....I'm ok with that

Redpepper exudes trust...that is what drew me to her. That is what will always remain.

I should mention...I can be quite an asshole too. Usually because I am so self assured and sometimes have a sense that I "have it all figured out"....Redpepper would agree on that I think

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