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Originally Posted by bofish View Post
In: are married with 4 kids. Both of you have partners who don't spend time near the house or with the kids? Both of you spend one night away a week while the other cares for the kids? Do you do this on school nights or weekends? Do you have any other help? Like a nanny, housekeeper or relatives? Are the kids older? Just curious about how it works.

If you didn't have your one night a week with a you think it would be fair to spend one night in a hotel or with a friend?
No we don't have or need outside help. We homeachool so there arent school nights but i dont think that would have any baring on it.we choose pur nights away based on all our work schedules. Our kids range from 15,8,4, and 1.

This is the first time I've had a partner in the 5 years n and I have been together. While a hotel room would be out of the question due to cost, I see nothing wrong keeping things fair. So if one of us was unpartnered and wanted a nightclub away then they should be able to.

J is involved with out family. Ordinarily that wouldn't have happened but ahe was living with my bestffriend and we went to a lot of social functions together anyway.

I really don't find sleepovers being a hardship to our life
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