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Default How do you do it?

Your right, NY, this probably does need another thread. I don't want to hijack anyone... but it seemed like some people here could relate. I am really anxious to hear more about InYourendos situation.

I think a lot of it is family problems. My husband is a freelancer. He's gone many nights and days. When he is home, he's focused on his work, and a messy person. We also have elderly animals, one of which poops in the house. Our son is difficult. Sometimes he helps, often he doesn't. We've spent years working on all these issues (which has gotten slightly better). So, to add him being gone another night (and all the next day) is hard for me. I totally take responsibility for my part in this.

Where I think my husband's girlfriend could be more flexible about it all is to come into his life just a little more. I understand that she may not want to spend the day with our son, but maybe she could have dinner in our neighborhood alone with him once in awhile.

A big issue now is that she has to move. She has the opportunity to move to our neighborhood or nearby. This would give them more time together. But she is considering moving even further (an hour 1/2 by subway). I'm not sure why she would do this.

I think a lot of this had to do also with my husband telling me that GF didn't get enough time. I asked him to stop that. Separate is separate. Part of this is I feel her needs shouldn't be in my mind.

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