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. I get this from the fact that she often avoids things to do with his family and friends. She wants him to be in her circle and on her time schedule.And, from a practical standpoint, thas not entirely possible.[/QUOTE]

That's how I want things. I don't want to be involved with partner's family. My relationship is completely separate from their other relationships. I have 4 kids and have not found it . Impede things. For instance, if ibhave 4 available nights a week and I spend 1 night away and N spends 1 night away that leaves 2 nights together as a family and since 1 of us is home while the other is out then child care isn't an issue. We both get equal time with others and more time with each other than with anyone else
Sue, hinge in a vee with Nate (Polysexual) and Sam (monogamous)

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