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Originally Posted by littlefly34 View Post
were looking for someone single because we only want to have one extra person in our relationship someone we can love and who will love the both of us back to many people make it complicated I would rather try one person who is involved in only us but i feel like this type of man doesn't exist
The language your using concerns me, because it seems indicative that you have all kinds of "couple privilege" going on, as well as a lot of preconceived notions about what will be expected of your "third," and that is likely to end really badly, primarily for your Pegasus.

I've been the third to a couple who thinks like this, as though I was an accessory to their existing relationship. I've known several others who have, as well. It's unfair and generally dehumanizing to the newcomer, not to mention pretty unsuccessful all around.

I've never met someone who wants to be an "extra person" in someone's existing relationship for more than casual sex. Would you? so if you're looking for someone to love, I'd definitely suggest you do a site search here on Triads and "unicorns," and do some heavy reading, then a lot of talking, before trying to meet another person to love together.

This is one of my favorites, which I think illustrates some of what I am saying better than I can articulate it:
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