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Default Doctors, Disability and Poly

Today I went to the gynecologist. I decided, for lack of a better one and time issues, to go to a woman who i had been to 11 years ago. I saw her 11 years ago when I first became pregnant. At that time, when she met me she told mer condescendingly "you seem to have a grasp of what's going on for your situation" 'situation meaning cerebral palsy. I quickly changed Ob_gyns and went with someone else who was not much better. Actually, she had to send me to another doctor (male) to get a sonogram. He was highly respectful and loving and I actually asked him to deliver my baby and told him how his colleague had offended me...he told me that he couldn't treat me because it would be like taking one of her patients. She found out what I had disclosed to him and when my son was about 2, somewhat apologized.

Today (ten years later) I let bi-gones be bygones and thought we would have a good laugh about it. When I first walked in, I guess she didn't remember me because the first thing she said was "What is your syndrome?" I told her cerebral palsy. She asked me if I were there for a pap-smear and I said, well, I had had one recently and I wanted to check for STDs. She briskly said, go take off your panties. She started asking me about my "syndrome" and how I got it. I told her it was a neurological condition caused from the umbilical cord being wrapped around my neck. Then she asked me if I had gone to school, and if I had finished high school! I told her that I had two masters and was a professor. She looked flabbergasted and said "good for you!" Then, I asked her to check for STDs. Instead of doing that, she said, well how long have you been with your husband? I said "13 years." But before she could say" well then don't worry" I lied and said "We broke up." Then, She said "Well, are you sexually active? " I said, "yes." She said "WITH WHO??" I didn't know what the hell to say...then I mumbled, "I have many lovers" All she said was "Do you use a condom?" I said, "always. I have a friend who died of AIDS." She dismissed the AIDS comment. I just said, did you see anything? She said "No." Then as I was leaving she goes "I'm really proud of you!" I was like ummmm, ok.
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