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Blowing off our date was primarily an issue, because it's been happening for almost a year now. He did apologize, I did accept the apology, but I am still holding him accountable to make his actions the way he sends the message regarding relationship. I'm not going to make "dating" or "sex" a priority with him when he can't even make seeing me for 20 minutes a priority.

That said, he has made some significant strides. He asked me about a weekday evening "dinner" date and I gave him Thursdays as the preferable day in light of the convoluted schedules we are trying to coordinate (that evening I finish class at 5:15, Maca is home with the kids and I don't have to rush home). We've met at the library (I still have study and homework to get through, but he loves the library). We curl up together and read through my Psych paperwork together. That's been nice.
He told the boss-no. He won't work before 1pm except for Thursdays (office meeting day) when he goes in at 11am. He says he is looking for another job. He really wasn't "getting" it, until he read a letter my ex-girlfriend sent (she was OUR friend "back in the day). It triggered him and he got a picture of what it feels like to be "unwanted" and "superfluous". He realized that he wasn't doing what HE feels he should be in a relationship-he got lazy. It happens.
*I still think that a year of "lazy" while the other person is actively asking, demanding etc a change is eyebrow raising. *

Spicy's other parents lost their jobs in Alabama due to layoffs. That led to them losing their home and cars etc. They moved back here (where they have her/grandsons and his parents) but have to find work. Quite the tense situation there. I can't imagine.
The husband is doing much better. He needed some support, he needed some direction for how to manage what needed managed, but thankfully-he also WANTED it. Spicy just stopped breastfeeding so she could go back on her medication which will hopefully help her too.

Sweet Pea is awesome. He's a great kid. I most especially love how he SHOWS the way to accept people. He just "gets it".

Sweet Pea and Sour Pea had a piano recital last Friday. It was a BLAST! So proud of both of them!!
Saturday was Sweet Pea's 14th bday! OMG! I'm getting old.
We had a lot of fun for that too.

Maca had an MRI Monday. Now he is waiting for the appointment with the specialist to find out what is next in dealing with his neck. One little step at a time.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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