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That's true Schroeding-but it needs to be in a healthy and productive way, not a traumatizing and increasing of clinginess way.
Also-not in a way that treats other people as disposable tools for helping train the child.

When Maca's gf moved away-that was a great opportunity for Sour Pea to face the reality that people leave. Goodbye's were said and conversations had about the fact that people leave (interestingly she has no issue with death-just unexplained disappearances).

I think there is a "whole picture" thing that needs addressed. It's not about any one detail, it's about the whole. In the case of a stranger, the risks far outweigh the benefits. If it's a friend, then it's definitely worth considering the possibility that the benefits may outweigh the risks.

I can't imagine (as I've said elsewhere on the forum) not having an integrated social/family group. Friends are treated as family and they come and go regularly, even when we aren't home. So our children ARE very socialized.
However-strangers do not. People earn their right to be a part of our circle through interactions outside of our family dynamic. Kids may "see them around" but they don't see them HERE until they are already established as "friends of the family".

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