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Question Oy! Hello ;)

Hi there.

My husband of 9 years and I had been involved in swinging here and there for a few years while living in Las Vegas. I had my frist sexual encounter with a women then which was in 2009. At that time it was purley swinging. Two daughters later and a move off grid a lot happened. I fell in love with a women that was a fling and compleatly unexpected that ended badly last spring. That's when I learned I was Bisexual or pansexual...either way.

My hubby wanted to join a site a few months later for swingers. He found a couple that lived a few hours away. I ended up connecting with her in a way i hadn't with anyone. We were all sexual with eachother. It was great untill her and I wanted some alone time. The fiolling months were worse and worse as both our husbands jelousy grew and no amount of change to appease them was good enough. We lasted 4 months seeing one another a few days out of the month. She ended it with me almost 2 months ago now because she couldn't live with the way her hubby was treating her. We are trying to work on being friend friends but it's tough because she dosen't trust our hubby's to say what they mean and what mean what they say which was a big problem we weren't able to come through. So we aren't seeing eachother and haven't for 2 months. It's really hard for me because it's not what i want. So I'm here to help get through this and gain some insight.
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