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Well ...

A few basics you could cover:
Thing is, I don't know that you're not already covering those basics. It's a little hard to serve up a one-size-fixes-all formula. Questions need to be asked, such as, What's making you/any of you feel uncomfortable? and, What's making you/any of you walk on eggshells?

It's really really important that everyone be 100% honest. The truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Not to say delivery style doesn't matter because it does. Be respectful. Be compassionate. Be a good listener. Never stop learning to communicate more and better.

And you know, you could do everything perfect and you'd still have some discomfort/eggshell walking. Some things only find their natural streambed to flow through after time, trial, and error have worked their magic.

If you could post more info about your sitch in this thread, I'd be more likely to be able to think of some effective advice. But maybe what's in this post is a start?

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