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Yes I have expressed how I felt but I understand why she made her husband promise not to have sex with me one on one cause when they were in a past relationship she pushed her husband away for the girl that they were dating at the time and no he kinda did that but prolly not how she did to him the reasoning she feels like that is because we were all in bed one day and he played with her and then turned over on I his back so he can give me some attention too then she got up to check her phone multiple time while we all were in bed having ALONE time then she came back and ever husband was still playing with me and she felt like he had pushed her away and she was getting jealous cause of how much sex we Was having but that ain't no ones fault but hers cause she would never wake up her husband up to have Alone time to have sex with him so she made him make her a promise that he will not have sex with me one on one till he gained her trust back but i don't think that is right then she told her husband that she would not have sex with me one on one cause she don't think it's fair that she is allowed to have sex with me one on one and he can't and I don't think it is fair at all that me and him can't not have sex together unless we all three are together

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