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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
Glad things are going well and the stuff is inside! You may want to see if they can pick up that pod early - more snow headed this way on Thursday!
I know! I am praying it's just rain, as the pod people won't pick up til Friday when the month rental is up! There is already a bank of snow in front of the pod and I am damn well not going to shovel that!

Here's hoping that things start getting easier now that the asbestos removal is complete and everything's back inside. Nothing like stress to compound stress!
Thanks! It's just been a month of adding insult to injury around here! miss p and I had had this, "Whee! We've moved in together and are setting up a nice little lesbian/bi/poly household" euphoria this past summer, and it just totally faded when the downstairs flooded and Ginger complicated things with Buddhist. I long for stability, feeling centered, and grounded, so much.
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