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Ginger hasn't had another date with Buddhist since the last time I updated. Heh. He's just number 5 in her "stable" after all... seems they do chat regularly online. He mentions her from time to time. I guess I am getting used to him having yet another SO.

So, we had the asbestos removed 8 days ago, and carpet did go in the very next day. Whew! I spent 2 days bringing our furniture back in from the pod with Ginger, and he even came over one day when I was working at my childcare job, and moved smaller stuff by himself. I overdid it moving furniture this past Sunday, yesterday my arms and upper back were KILLING me. But it's done! Now just the rearranging and organizing of everything to get it all the way we had it. Living area, miss p's home office, media equipment, the big turtle tank, and our collections of vintage items all need to be re-set up.

The pod is still taking up my entire driveway and it won't be picked up til Friday. Can't wait to have my driveway back! I was nervous with the last big storm (14" of snow) since we aren't supposed to park on the street overnight ever in winter in our town. But I didn't get a ticket or towed. Just buried by the plow. sigh...

The half bath downstairs has not yet been done. Our LL is supposed to come over today and put vinyl flooring in there, and also under the washer/dryer. Also one wall in the bathroom is half cut away from having gotten wet and he is going to replace the dry wall and then paint. Somehow I do not think he is going to get all that done in one day...

I am going to Florida on the 19th to see my sister and also spend time with our father and aunt. Going to be gone 10 days. Winter has been very hard, so cold and snowy, plus with this flood and its aftermath, and me and miss p having the flu (still having lingering symptoms after 3 weeks), a vacation in warmth sure will be nice!

Ginger has already asked me to go out dancing and then have him sleep over on the day after Valentine's Day. He didn't claim V Day for himself, assuming my primary and I would want that day. Awww... However, miss p and I do not have any firm plans as of yet!
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