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Originally Posted by civfan View Post
Wow, just spent an hour and a half on the phone arguing with my gf and her gf about reading up more and trying to solve the jealousy created in me when they have sex while I am in the other room! Even this doesn't happen in the poly kingdom does it, anyone really have sex with a secondary while a primary is in the other room?
Yes, I have sex with my bf while my gf is in the other room. Sometimes when she is in the room (like if we are all watching TV together and bf and I start messing around). Sometimes we all have sex together, as you and your gf and her gf used to do!

But I have read here of some people new to poly going mad with jealousy if their partner has sex with their OSO in the next room. So, advice is, get out of the house, or ask the other 2 to have sex at OSO's place. Or, after the 2 gfs are done, your gf could come in to you and take care of your sexual needs. I quite often do this, go take care of gf after being with bf, in case she felt aroused or left out after hearing me and him getting it on.

I am sorry your communication is not going well.
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