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Wonderful having Sis and BIL out for a quick visit.
No school for the kids today so we got to spend the day together, IHOP for brunch and a nice restaurant for dinner, which involved a lovely walk first. The kids were so well behaved, I was quite the proud parent. I stocked a bag with activities for dinner and we all got played, colored, ate and laughed a lot. Oldest has a great Spot the Difference book, it is simple black and white line drawings but some of them are really tough. BIL was laughing that Prof and I have multiple degrees between us and still got stuck on a book for 3-8 year olds! BIL is great fun and the kids loved him, gave me and Sis some time for chat.
I am sorry that they are leaving so quickly, just 2 nights, then off to do some touristy things.
Parents have said that they will slow down the visits to once a year now, the long haul is starting to get too much I can't book a flight for next year as Ex has priority in choosing dates and thoroughly enjoys messing things up.
I am very fortunate that I have such a loving family even if we are so far apart.
Me: mid 40s female.

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