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Yeah-that is a different spot.
Our friends do come over.

The difference is-that Maca makes friends MUCH SLOWER than I do, whereas he can find a fb in a few seconds flat.
It took years for him to bring coworkers around. My friends, most of them have been in my life for 20+ years. New acquaintances (from school or work etc) like I said, are invited to group social events. Those are in our home (we often do large group events). But they aren't as "personal". So the kids can get to know them, without feeling like this person is part of a personal family affair.

My bf lived with us the last 11 years. Maca's girlfriend was social with the kids too.

I trusted Maca-until two different women he "got the hots for" turned out to be bad apples. Then it was obvious to him, me and GG that when his libido is involved, extra precautions need to be considered-because what is "safe" for him to have as a sex partner, isn't necessarily safe for anyone else to be socializing with.

Additionally, we are out. So even if they don't know the person, they do know if we are going out on a romantic date and they do know when someone is MORE than a friend.
It's rather obvious when daddy is cuddling up with someone on the couch and they are kissing-that they aren't "Just friends" because daddy doesn't DO that with friends.
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