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Default The Lego Movie was awesome

Anyone else see it?

Spoilers below.

My wife complained, however, about how the leading woman left Batman (he even says, "He's the hero you deserve.") for the main character.

She thinks she would have kept both. I think Batman was clearly portrayed as kind of a jerk though:

"Every man for himself!" -- In the midst of a battle where he intends to leave her behind.

"I said every man for himself! Oh, fine." -- After she asks him to help.

"Look, if this relationship is going to work I'm going to need the freedom to leave with a bunch of strange dudes in their party spaceship." -- Upon meeting Han Solo, Chewbaca, and Lando

"I will text you." -- Upon leaving on the Falcon

"I'm back. They were all a bunch of dudes. Even the hairy one. They just wanted to play space checkers." -- Returning with a hyperdrive
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